Draft -EN Housekeeping

  1. Cooperation with a second cleaning worker, as well as with room users by immediate response to the current needs reported by them.
  2. Keeping the rooms assigned for cleaning, the immediate surroundings in front of the entrance to the buildings and the rooms for storing cleaning devices and products in proper cleanliness, i.e .:

Every day

  1. sweeping, washing and disinfecting floors,
  2. vacuuming the floor
  3. changing of leafing bedding
  5. removing dirt from glazing in furniture, showcases, doors, lamps,
  6. washing, cleaning and disinfecting washbasins, shower trays, fittings and sanitary devices in toilets and bathrooms,
  8. washing the stair railings, tiled walls, shower cubicles, doors, frames and windows,
  11. cleaning additional rooms during the replacement of another cleaner while another cleaner is absent from work,
  12. performing other activities ordered by the superior.
  13. Particular activities should be carried out with such frequency that the rooms allocated to cleaning and the area in front of the entrance to the buildings are kept in perfect order and cleanliness.
  14. Proper and economical use of the entrusted equipment and resources needed to maintain cleanliness.
  16. Reporting noticed failures, damages to devices and rooms to the supervisor.


Every second day

Every third day

  1. constant monitoring and supplementing the lack of sanitary and hygienic measures in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens,
  2. emptying garbage bins to the indicated collective containers during cleaning the rooms,

every week

  1. wiping dust on furniture and furniture, on telephone window sills, electrical appliances and kitchen equipment from window sills and heaters, paintings,
  2. washing soap and towel dispensers and mirrors,
  3. washing kitchen appliances and water dispenser,

Once a month